The Tea Party Has Motivated Americans to Get off the Couch

By: April 11, 2011


Rita Grace – Culpeper County, VA; Constitutional Tea Party (@ritagraceTP)

The Tea Party has motivated Americans to get off the couch and actively participate in the painstaking political process of awakening a sleeping giant.  Tea Party voices are turning around the downward spiraling course of history, protesting the socialist agenda, informing those who have ears to hear, to restore the founding fathers’ principles.

In the “Voices of the Tea Party” e-book series, let’s be sure to include not only quotes and essays from our national heroes, founders and patriots, but also to put into digital print the many witty sayings and signs of modern day patriots. From our rallies and meetings, our messages: ‘Can you hear us now?” ‘He lied!” “Keep the change!” “Take your hands out of my children’s piggy banks” come from concerned citizens speaking out, speaking the truth with voices of a freedom that cry for liberty and justice for all.

This series should give voice to “We the People” who have populated the movement that has brought forth a transformation in our nation.

Joining hands and joining voices continue to unite us as one nation under God with other patriots.

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