A Quiet Patriot Wants to See More Revolutionary Era Art

By: April 11, 2011


@Illustr8r says:
I’m a quiet patriot. One of the most frustrating things that I see in today’s media and the general public is the ignorance and assumptions made about the tea party. I’d love to have a tea party primer that defends the tea party and a “How to Talk to Non-Tea Partiers About Us” guide. We are more than people who wear tricorner hats, wave “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and dislike the policies of the Obama administration. If you only watch the mainstream media, you would have no clue that this is the case.

It would be great as well to tackle the historical ignorance that we have in America. A late-night viewing of one episode of Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” will drive the average tea partier crazy. Having an ebook that juxtaposes the ideas of the founding fathers and how they benefited America then with how they would benefit modern America would be interesting. Deep down I don’t think Americans want to be Europeans. We took a stand in Boston Harbor back in 1773. Now let’s explain why we are taking a stand again today.

In my work developing logos and themes for tea party groups, I find myself looking at the print works and paintings from the Revolutionary era. Paul Revere’s prints brought the early days of their “tea party” to life, and the paintings of Gilbert Stuart and John Singleton Copley put a face to the men involved. I would be interested in seeing an e-book on the art of the Revolutionary War era.

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