E-books Are Better Than Big Dusty Books Filled With Old Timey Words

By: April 13, 2011

Christina Botteri, California @ChristinaKB

Jason Hoyt wrote yesterday on this site that education – becoming reacquainted and recommitted to the philosophies behind our freedoms – is the bedrock upon which we will have a generational and long lasting liberty. There has been an awakening, yet at the same time people know there is a lack of basic understanding as to why the Founders did what they did, and believe what they believe.

With the Voices of the Tea Party e-book series , we have a great opportunity to reintroduce those ideas with the benefit of history behind them. There is a dearth of access – real or perceived – to those ideas and works that together shape the ideals of freedom we hold dear. People recognize intellectually that they should seek out these important ideas, but either they don’t know where to start, or they grab a tome and realize, “Geez this is a big dusty book filled with old-timey words…” and then return the revered volume to the bookshelf.

With e-books, we have a fantastic medium for delivering these ideas in a quick, concise way that people will be excited to receive. But we can go a step further. We have the opportunity to present classic philosophies and pair them with an issue that is current and action-oriented such that a Tea Party person can take it to their group and use it to do something important for their community today. Linking past ideals to present needs in a material, actionable way through readily available e-books will demonstrate importance, value, and usefulness to people in their everyday lives.

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