Former Commander, USS Cole, Embraces the Tea Party, Set to Challenge Angle

By: April 14, 2011

Kirk Lippold, who served as the commander of the USS Cole until his retirement, announced today that he intends to run for Congress in Nevada. He will be challenging Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle in the Republican primary.  Here’s what he had to say about the Tea Party movement in the Daily Caller today:


“I embrace the Tea Party. I think that the organization, when you really stop and look at it, the tea party and what they stand for is a wonderful organization. I, quite frankly, am an independent proponent of limited government and citizen sovereignty. I’m very supportive of any citizen that takes up the charge to make the government more responsive to the people, and also I believe we need to begin to limit the amount of government intrusion into our lives. And that’s what the Tea Party stands for.”


If this pans out,  tea partiers in Nevada will need to choose between at least two tea party friendly candidates in Lippold and Angle. This kind of drama has already played out in numerous campaigns around the country, with mixed results. Remember the 2009 Republican Gubernatorial Primary in New Jersey where “tea party favorite” Steve Lonegan challenged Chris Christie?

This suggests the need for e-books that offer guidelines for strategies local tea party groups should develop and implement in primaries. Should they unite around one primary challenger, or should they encourage several tea party friendly candidates to compete?

I would really like to see some submissions on this topic, because, like it or not, the primary season is already upon us.




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