eBook Review – The Battle for Virginia’s 5th District by Mark K Lloyd

By: April 16, 2011

The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District is a beautiful story that begins in the mid 1700’s in the back country of Virginia.  The author, Mark Kevin Lloyd, elegantly links the life and times of his ancestor, Patrick Henry, with his own awakening and re-commitment to America’s founding principles.

Lloyd shares the story of his life, from his days as a boy in Texas and his service in the US Navy to meeting and marrying his wife and having children of his own. He tells of the day he, like so many of us, was forever changed by the tragedies of September 11, 2001.

Lloyd takes us with him as he was galvanized by Rick Santelli’s rant, participated in the conference calls to organize the first Tea Party rally in Lynchburg, established the Lynchburg Tea Party group, and worked with his fellow tea partiers  to grow the group and the message of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and constitutionally limited government to become a bona fide movement that today is at the center of Virginia politics.

The Battle for Virginia’s 5th is a fantastic read that will intrigue, inspire, and inform anyone who is interested in learning about the authentic people and stories behind the Tea Party movement.


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