Spread the Wealth of Knowledge

By: April 16, 2011

The Voices of the Tea Party e-book series is desperately needed to spread the wealth, if you will, not redistribute it.  I speak here of the wealth of knowledge, not the wealth of assets.

There are thousands of individual tea party groups and tens of millions of tea party supporters around the country, each with their own story.  I have seen many differences in styles and processes that keep them all moving on.  People are definitely individualistic by nature. Each town, each county and each state share common values and morals.

This series is a great avenue to let all these tea party  groups know that not only is it  all right to be different in your group’s style and organizational process, it’s also all right to learn from other groups.  In the end we share the same major goals and aspirations of limited government and fiscal restraints.

God Bless America.

Eric Olsen has been a  Tea Party leader in Montana from the beginning of the movement. He can be reached on Twitter at EricShrugged

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