Modern Broadsides Continue the Battle for Freedom

By: April 18, 2011

In Revolutionary America, before the Constitution, before even the Declaration, was the broadside. News outlets, rather than printing what we think of as traditional papers and distributing them widely, would instead often print large poster board versions of the news and display them in taverns and elsewhere. Often the most literate of the patrons would read the news aloud and anyone in attendance would chime in with their own commentary — a most democratic method of sharing the news! In many ways, those broadsides were the forebears of today’s internet blogs and forums.

All patriotic American should study our Declaration of Independence, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and, of course, our Constitution. And while there are numerous contemporary works worthy of our time, I urge all Tea Partiers to read three in particular: A Patriot’s History of the United States by Schweikart and Allen, Liberty and Tyranny by Levin and Basic Economics by Sowell.

In the long arc of history we fight the same battle we always have: will we or will we not be free? Now with the Voices of the Tea Party series, I hope to see additional installments that help modern Americans understand our role in what Jefferson called the Grand Experiment and, if we truly believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, how a free market is integral to a free people.

I call on all patriots to join!

Milton R. Wolf, M.D.  is a radiologist who practices in Kansas. He’s been a leading proponent of the application of free market principles to the management of health care, and a popular speaker at tea parties around the country. A columnist for the Washington Times, his Broadside Books e-book, First, Do, No Harm, will be released on Tuesday, April, 19, 2011. You can reach Dr. Wolf on Twitter at @DrMiltonWolf

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