Project Management Success Stories from the Trenches of the Tea Party Movement

By: April 18, 2011

As a movement, the Tea Party has had some amazing success stories. From an initial conference call that rolled out the  idea of simultaneous nationwide tea parties, to the formation of project specific committees, to the gathering of  volunteers, the number of projects that have been initiated and have come to full fruition is remarkable.

How this type of organically occurring project management sprang to life, succeeded in some circumstances, and failed in others, is a great topic for a Voices of the Tea Party e-book.

It is incredible that people living all across the country who two years ago never knew each other and really had no other way of connecting have now produced and worked on major nationwide  projects.  These projects have taken the Tea Party movement from being a protest rally with like minded patriots to a full fledge history making influence on the political scene from Washington DC to State Capitals around this country. Remarkably, all these projects have been conceived of, and managed by volunteers who love their country and are not paid activists or lobbyists.

It is interesting to note that on both the national level and state level the Tea Party is like any industry and the same people keep showing up as the leaders and “doers” in the movement, training the up and coming leaders and doers.

Also interesting to note, this process exposes the people within the Republican establishment who are trying to high-jack the movement and flushes them out.  A true Tea Party patriot is one who believes this is an American movement and not a Republican movement.

The Tea Party movement is about “We The People” fighting back to expose and vote out of office those who are a part of the problem and not the solution. Truth doesn’t care if the problem carries a Republican badge or a Democrat badge.  ”We the People” follow the truth wherever it leads.


Alice Linahan is the founder of Resolute Media. She can be reached on Twitter at @AliceLinahan .

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