Voices of the Tea Party Should Broaden and Build the Base of the Movement

By: April 19, 2011

My hope for the “Voices of the Tea Party” blog–and for future e-book titles–is to broaden and build the base. In other words, how can we attract more people to the liberty movement, and how can we deepen their roots in the movement?

While I appreciate the desire to study historical and philosophical documents, I wonder whether doing so at this point has any value. Yes, I read Locke and Adam Smith and Jefferson’s letters, and The Federalist Papers.  But I’m already a believer.  In fact, the only people I see reading these documents are people who already believe what we believe.

Further reading of ancient philosophy will deepen cognitive understanding among the true believers.  It will not, however, accomplish our two biggest challengers:

1.  Awaken those believe what we believe but who don’t know or won’t admit it

2.  Convert those who don’t yet believe what we believe.

Let’s make this our mission: to close those two gaps.  Yes, we need the courses and pamphlets on Locke and Smith, but we need them for new converts and born-again libertarian-republicans


Bill Hennessy is the co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party. You can contact him on twitter at @whennessy


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