What Does Winning Look Like in 2012 ?

By: April 19, 2011

I have heard the question asked…….

Do we want to win in 2012? The answer is YES.

Two other questions follow: How is that achieved? and What does winning look like?

Is “winning” just getting Obama out of office, or does “winning” actually mean saving our country from the infiltration of the Progressive left?

I believe it is the latter.

We want to save our country and provide our children and grandchildren with the blessings that America has provided for generations thus far and for generations to come. In order to do that we must get back to the basics. That means learning our history, appreciating our triumphs and learning from our mistakes.

Opportunity is harnessed when patriots step forth with ideas and innovation.   The e-book series entitled “Voices of the Tea Party” is indeed one of those opportunities. I look forward to reading these e-books and essays from people throughout the country who have been down in the trenches working daily to awaken their neighbors and friends who could be categorized as the passive majority, to be both engaged and educated on our history as a nation, the importance of our Constitution, and our civic duty to hold accountable those elected to office by “We The People.”

Just as stories and history have been passed down from generation to generation, e-books provide a platform for people of all backgrounds to come together through the internet and learn from each other, debate the issues of the day, and write the stories of the Tea Party Movement. I would like the narrative that is created from these books to show that what is truly necessary for our country to survive is to go back to the basics (our Constitution), learn our history, understand the importance of the sacrifice of those great Americans who came before us, and to document accurately the history we ourselves are making.

Alice Linahan is the founder of Resolute Media. She can be reached on Twitter at @AliceLinahan .

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