The Electoral College vs. the National Popular Vote

By: April 20, 2011

Broadsides and pamphlets played an important role during the Revolutionary period and early years of the United States, which is why I’m so excited to see them updated for a new, technological generation.

One topic I’d like to see addressed in an e-pamphlet is the importance of the electoral college. The current popular obsession with democracy notwithstanding, the United States was founded as a republic. A move toward a pure democracy has no historic or constitutional basis.

As the National Popular Vote movement gains broader public recognition, it’s time to remind people that the electoral college is an integral component of our Republic – especially as we see support for this movement coming even from inside the Republican Party.

Whether the electoral college is abolished outright or merely stripped of all meaning, as the National Popular Vote would do, its elimination would mark the death of the republic in very real terms.

With uncanny clarity, the framers of the Constitution saw the dangers of an unrestrained democracy. It’s time for patriots to repay their foresight by fighting to preserve their legacy.

Paula Gardner used to spend her days like other grandmothers, baking cookies and knitting slippers for the grandkids. Then one day she noticed the Constitution was taking a beating and going down fast. Now she uses the only weapon at her disposal to preserve, defend and protect. “Words are loaded pistols,” she says.  She played an important role in the growth of Top Conservatives on Twitter , the online conservative group that helped launch the Tea Party movement. She can be reached on Twitter at @itsonlywords .

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