Jesse Jackson Jr.’s IPad Moment

By: April 21, 2011

Last week, Jesse Jackson, Jr.  said that the iPad was “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of jobs.”

We could easily go for the quick joke and compare this statement to those Luddites who wanted to save the buggy whip industry.  But could Jackson’s statement be something other than just fear of technological advancements?  Could he simply be falling in line with those who are trying to control the airwaves and the Internet?  Everyone knows that in the past year, especially with the introduction of the iPad, the advance of online books or e-books has been phenomenal.  Could the Left possibly be fearful of e-books and what they can do for the tea party’s march on America?

The Left wants to control their message.  They put out talking points to their sycophants in academia and the media who dutifully follow.  The Left gets frustrated when the Right doesn’t play along with their “rules.”  Since the rise of Rush Limbaugh, the Left has been trying to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine.  In their minds, if they could just rid the world of Rush, no one would challenge their propaganda again.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tells us that, for security reasons, she needs the ability to shut down the internet, or at least parts of it.  What do you want to bet the parts that Big Sis would shut down are the ones that conservatives utilize to communicate, educate and coordinate?  Facebook, Twitter and Ning have become critical to furthering the grassroots. And the same goes for e-books and their distribution technologies — kindles, IPads, and Nooks.

Sounds a little speculative, you say? Stay tuned to see what new controls start coming down the pike.

Lorie Medina is a leader of the Dallas Tea Party, and the author of the new Voices of the Tea Party e-book, Community Organizing for Conservatives. She can be reached on Twitter at @TXTeaPartyMOM .

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