If You Show Up, It Can Make a Difference.

By: April 25, 2011

It would be great for the Broadside “Voices of the Tea Party” e-book series to include success stories of the boots on the ground operations that are taking place at the local level. One example is Rachel Delgado from the Galveston Tea Party. Here is a quick report of what she is doing at the Texas Capital.

“Just wanted to share some good news.

This is my first legislative session as an active participant in Austin.  I’ve gone to committee hearings, picked up the form at the back of the room and filed it expressing support or opposition to many bills just like the rest of the lobbyists.

Some I’ve filed on behalf of myself.  Some I’ve filed as a representative of Galveston County Tea Party, Inc.  Early on in this session I had to get over my disdain for lobbyists and resolve that I can actually take cues from them.

Wait outside the doors as the house convenes and catch someone to walk and talk on the way back to their office.  Provide talking points or position papers in support of conservative views.

Our efforts are working.  Someone intimately familiar with the process told me, “When the Tea Party expresses an opinion – they listen.”

One portion of legislation that scared me called for “compulsory public education” (HB 253 Hilderbran).  As a homeschooler and lover of personal freedom this is bad news.  Homeschoolers and parents who enjoy having that option were not the target of this legislation but could be the victim if the language wasn’t struck.

Thanks to Rep Brian Hughes and Rep Van Taylor this language was removed.  In Texas, parents continue to have control over their child’s education.”

After Kaufman County Tea Party Leader Ray Myers saw the above report from Rachel he sent out the following message to let all of his Tea Party. Now they all  know and are encouraged by the amazing work that Rachel is doing.

“Rachel has volunteered her time away form her home in the Galveston area to help be our “Watch Dog” in Austin. She exemplifies what a True Tea Party American is. She is not a radical–she is not paid for her time in Austin–and she doesn’t get a free ride on an Acorn bus to the capitol. She is a Grass Roots Texan and I am busting with pride just because I know her.

Because of her love for God, Country and Family she is working to save her country.”

These are the kind of stories that the media will not cover because they do not fit into their meme of the “Radical Right Wing” Tea Party folks. That is why it is so critical  to document what is truly going on on the ground.

Alice Linahan is the founder of Resolute Media. She can be reached on Twitter at @AliceLinahan

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