The Digital Pamphleteers: Poised to Guide the Movement That Will Save America

By: April 25, 2011

Since the launch of my book, First, Do No Harm, as well as the others in the Voices of Tea Party series, I’ve had the great opportunity to engage in a national dialogue with talk radio hosts, their audiences, the blogosphere, and thousands of others in the social media like Facebook and Twitter. Let me tell you, the Voices of the Tea Party eBook series is catching attention!

As Adam Bellow, editorial director of Broadside Books, says in one of his interviews, “…every major social, political, and religious movement in Western history has been fueled by an energetic burst of pamphleteering.

As the Tea Party movement matures from organizing massive rallies to rallying for massive changes in America, it’s critical that its participants arm themselves with as much usable information as possible, particularly in terms of philosophies of the movement, understanding specific policy issues and sharing the “how to’s” of what works. The three initial “digital pamphlets,” The Battle for Virginia’s 5th DistrictFirst, Do No Harm and Community Organizing for Conservatives are meant to do just that.

I’m proud to be a part of this pioneering effort and to join Mark Lloyd and Lorie Medina in the launch of the series. Some of you reading this today need to join this effort and contribute to the series. As it grows, it will become a repository of practical patriotic writings created for and by the movement.

Milton R. Wolf, M.D.  is a radiologist who practices in Kansas. You can reach Dr. Wolf on Twitter at @DrMiltonWolf


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