A Tea Party Energy Policy

By: April 26, 2011

The Voices of the Tea Party series could do a great service by publishing an e-book that could  “show the way” to policy makers currently floundering in their attempts to bring down record gasoline prices. When President Obama was inaugurated, gas averaged about $1.84 a gallon. Today, it’s around $3.89, and heading towards $5 or $6 very quickly.

We can improve  the performance of our energy markets by applying the Tea Party movement’s core values–constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility–to specific policies. The e-book I am suggesting would show that effective governance should be about developing and implementing policies that improve the quality of life for the governed.  And the best way to do that, is let the free market reign.  Elected government leaders need to take action  that will restore rational allocation of resources and daily decision-making in the marketplace.

Here are two simple free market ideas that ought to be implemented immediately by our current Congress:

1.  Expand and increase offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

2.  Enable additional refineries to be constructed and built in order to bring more usable oil and petroleum related supplies to the market .

An e-book on Tea Party Energy Policy could discuss the tactical and strategic issues surrounding the implementation of these two free market ideas. For example, it could explore the veracity of charges from the Left that the 10-year lead time required for most new drilling activities to bring new oil resources to the market has no impact on current prices. I don’t think this is true, and an informed rebuttal of this claim would be very helpful in the current environment.

Energy policy is but one area where the application of the core values of the Tea Party movement will lead to a more effective economy and a more responsive government. Of this I am certain.

Quincy Williams is the pseudonym of a local government official who works in a blue state.

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  1. Phil says:

    It would really nice if we got some visibility for LFTR in the Tea Party. Unlimited energy, cheaper than coal, no pollution.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgKfS74hVvQ&feature=feedf

    Sides: http://home.comcast.net/~robert.hargraves/public_html/AimHigh.pdf

    Maybe we could get Herman Cain on board.

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