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Diagnosing ObamaCare

By: April 28, 2011

From Pajamas Media:

The president’s cousin passes his considered judgment in First Do No Harm, reviewed by Peter Weiss, M.D.
For the past two years I have publicly debated the pros and cons of our health care system. I have debated against the implementation of ObamaCare — to no avail. I have been on too many health care panels to remember. I have met with senators, congressmen, governors, and more. The debates feel like the reenactment of the trench warfare of the First World War, with neither side making any headway in battle. Now comes First Do No Harm — a concise, clear delineation of ObamaCare and some possible health care solutions. What makes this book — part of a new Tea Party series from HarperCollins — all the more intriguing is that it comes from President Obama’s cousin (okay, second cousin, once removed). Dr. Milton Wolf likes to say that he is the “only Tea Partier the president knows.”

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