We Need a Tea Party Values President in 2012

By: May 07, 2011

Previously in this space, Jon Friesch suggested that a Voices of the Tea Party e-book that rated the 2012 Presidential field would be very helpful. After watching Thursday night’s debate between five of the ten current Republican candidates, I strongly agree.

In my opinion Pawlenty won over Cain by a nose, with Santorum placing a respectable third. Pawlenty benefits from his experience working in the Democrat stronghold of Minnesota, my home state. Cain doesn’t quite yet have that kind of savvy, though his corporate success gives him a dimension most of the other candidates don’t have. The group as a whole did not flinch in attacking the big government policies of President Obama.

The biggest losers were the five candidates not in attendance.

We in flyover country are waiting for the candidate who will go to the mat. We are tired of candidates who are weak, timid, and scared to stand up for conservative American beliefs. Strong conservative leadership in the White House in 2012 is a must if we intend to carry out the Tea Party values that swept  Republicans to power in the House of Representatives in 2010.

Conrad Larson is a tea party supporter from Minnesota and author of The Overcoat and Carry On, Private Dahlgren.



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