How Do You Like Him Now ?

By: May 10, 2011

I would like to see the  Voices of the Tea Party series publish an e-book that presents a study of just how many of President George W. Bush’s policies are now producing positive results for our nation.  It cannot be mere coincidence that the current President is finding that the use of  “Bush 43’s”  policies produces positive political results for him.

In the last 4 – 6 months alone we’ve seen an about-face on the Bush Tax Cuts that were due to expire at the end of last year,  the abandonment of the goal of closing down Guantanamo,  the decision to continue use of military trials for terrorist detainees, and of course the recent location and elimination of  Bin Laden that was apparently based on valuable intelligence gained from the Bush administration’s then-controversial interrogation techniques.

George W. Bush could be the next Harry Truman: a president who was very unpopular at the end of his presidency but later found to be  “pretty good”  or  “one of our better”  presidents because of his actions and results.  Conservatives and liberals alike wanted Bush out of office in a major league hurry.  It even seemed that few Republican leaders wanted anyone to think that they supported Bush or his policies.  It’s arguable that the conservative part of the dissatisfaction with Bush was a distinct part of the basis for the Tea Party movement.

Tea Party supporters and conservative voters may want to reconsider their views on Bush. More importantly, a Tea Party e-book could examine who amongst the Republican candidates can garner enough electoral support in the 2012 campaign to win back the White House from the Democratic party.

Bush and many his policies were not popular with conservatives at the end of his presidency; but at this point I’m thinking of the recent pop song with the refrain “How do you like me now?”

Quincy Williams is the pseudonym of a local government official who works in a blue state.










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