The Year of the Demagogues: Lessons from NY-26

By: May 25, 2011

Get ready for the Democrat and RINO spin doctors.

Yesterday’s victory in the special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District by Democrat Kathy Hochul  has given Democrat and RINO spin doctors a new mantra. You will hear it in nauseating detail for the next several months, until the political focus starts to shift to Iowa. Then, you’ll hear it again in Iowa.

These spin doctors will be saying — “see, we told you–the public hates the mean Paul Ryan budget because it’s going to cut Medicare and throw grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair.” The Democrats have actually put out an attack ad showing grandma’s wheelchair headed over a cliff.

To call this mere demagoguery understates the moral nihilism of the current breed of Democrat demagogues. Donald Lambro makes the same point in today’s Washington Times.

The victorious Hochul focused on one issue, and one issue alone: Medicare. She was for it exactly as it stands. Don’t touch it, she said. Don’t worry that it’s insolvent and is driving the country into bankruptcy. Don’t worry that continuing to operate as it is will certainly exacerbate our already outrageous debt. Those big bad Republicans want to end it, and that’s why you should vote for me, she said.

And vote for her they did. In a district that John McCain won by 5% and had been represented in Congress by a Republican for over two decades, Hochul beat her Republican opponent by 4%, aided by a faux Tea Party candidate who took in 9%.

The pundits at Politico have already jumped on this, wondering if the Democrats have cracked the code for 2012 with one word: Medicare.

But the broader question, one worthy of a Voices of the Tea Party e-book, is the one first posed by de Tocqueville back in the 1830’s. Have we reached the tipping point of our democracy? Have enough of our fellow citizens learned that they can vote themselves benefits out of the public treasury, regardless of the fiscal consequences?

Mark Kevin Lloyd is the former President of the Lynchburg, Virginia Tea Party and currently serves as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He is also the author of  The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District. He can be reached on Twitter at @mklloydva .

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