Time for Conservatives to Fight It Out in the Political Arena

By: May 28, 2011

We need a Voices of the Tea Party e-book  to pick up on a suggestion made by Shelby Steele recently in the Wall Street Journal:

“Isn’t there a fresh new social idealism implicit in conservative principles ? Why not articulate it and fight with it in the political arena ? …. The theme : Barack Obama believes in government; we believe in you .”

I agree with Mr. Steele. Conservatives in Congress can begin that fight through oversight hearings on things like :

1. The questionable legal authority of the actions of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its Acting Director whose appointment has not received Senate confirmation and

2. The questionable legal authority of the NLRB in its actions against private enterprise like Boeing in trying to place new jobs in right to work states and

3. The apparent continued delays in granting Royal Dutch Shell permission to drill for oil off the Alaskan Coast by several federal regulatory agencies despite extremely high gas prices affecting all American consumers. Even liberals such as Harold Ford, Jr. and former President Clinton have publicly stated and or published recent statements about the overreach of Federal Regulatory agencies that is inhibiting development of domestic oil supply. Any actions to remove barriers to the development of domestic oil supply will produce positive results in oil & gas futures markets which will in turn produce relief at the gas pump for consumers.

Conservatives and tea party supporters should ratchet up the pressure on Congress to take counter-active actions to curb the overreach of regulatory actions by the current Executive Branch of our federal government. Prudent oversight of both business and government functions is always needed. The challenge is implementing the right kind of oversight that does not inhibit the marketplace while protecting all interests in a fair and balanced manner.

Quincy Williams is a tea party supporter who works for local government in a blue state.

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