The Obamacare Waiver Economic Growth Plan

By: June 05, 2011

At least half of the anemic 54,000 new private sector jobs cited in last week’s Department of Labor report came from one company–McDonald’s. It’s surely no coincidence that McDonald’s is one of the politically connected and favored companies recently granted an Obamacare waiver by the Department of Health and Human Services. An investigation of the companies responsible for the other 27,000 new private sector jobs might reveal additional waiver grantees. Intrepid reporters might want to investigate  how many of these  jobs came from those high end restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco who were also granted Obamacare waivers.

Apparently, this is the sum total of the Obama Administration’s plan to revive the economy. The engine of economic growth from now until the November 2012 election will be driven by the granting of Obamacare waivers!

The Obama Administration, through its spokesman, the hapless Jay Carney, will undoubtedly trumpet this new visionary policy. Look for these words to be issued soon from behind the press secretary’s lectern:  “We’ve decided to continue our policy of issuing targeted Obamacare waivers to specific employers who, due to these waivers, will be able to create or save additional jobs.”

Here’s an idea for a Voices of the Tea Party e-book: What’s been the impact of Obamacare on economic growth so far?

Why not simply repeal Obamacare in its entirety and see every company–large, medium or small–start adding new jobs, regardless of the degree of political connections they enjoy?

Look for the voters to grant the entire country that one gigantic Obamacare waiver come election day.

Mark Kevin Lloyd is the former President of the Lynchburg, Virginia Tea Party and currently serves as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He is also the author of  The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District. He can be reached on Twitter at @mklloydva .

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