Too Big a Liar Even for Congress

By: June 08, 2011

The cleverest line I’ve heard about the tawdry car wreck known as “Weinergate” was delivered by Mike Huckabee in one of his radio broadcasts recently, who said of Congressman Weiner:

“He’s too big a liar, even for Congress.”

When you consider the two centuries of liars who have served in Congress this is a stunning indictment. But if you’ve watched the cringe-worthy examples of Weiner’s blatant lies–his interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier where he lied to the anchor’s face, his infamous “if I were giving a speech to 45,000” line, his fabricated “certitudes” — you would see why Congressman Weiner is too big a liar even for Harry Reid to tolerate.

When asked what advice he would give Congressman Weiner if he received a phone call from him, Reid quipped, “I would tell him to call someone else.”

More importantly for the country, Mr. Weiner’s chronic dishonesty, on display in this sordid episode, is the low standard of behavior that animates political discussion of our national fiscal crisis in Congress. The country is going broke? Let’s pretend to cut expenses, but really increase them. Let’s cut those expenses over ten years, not this year, meaning let’s never cut them.

All of this is to suggest a Voices of the Tea Party e-book on the most important topic of the day–How do we restore integrity and honesty to elected political officials? This is a tough one, because the lack of integrity among politicians reflects, to some extent, the general decline of integrity in our society as a whole. Term limits have been suggested as one possible solution, but the possibility of that as a panacea is belied by the example of California–it’s become even more of a fiscal basket case since term limits were enacted there.

Mark Kevin Lloyd is the former President of the Lynchburg, Virginia Tea Party and currently serves as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He is also the author of  The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District. He can be reached on Twitter at @mklloydva .

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