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By: June 28, 2011

Conservatives and the Brotherhood of Mankind

The Democrats continue to have great success in controlling the narrative regarding too many issues. However, there is one issue that conservatives could quickly and easily address that would forever alter the narrative in such a way as to put liberals on the defensive and conservatives on the moral high ground and that issue is race.

 The next conservative candidate for President would be wise to hold a major ground-breaking speech on race, inviting all of the national media, similar to the event and media spectacle held by candidate Obama in 2008. However, unlike Obama, the conservative candidate should not disseminate the archaic and unbiblical view of races, now embraced by the left, but should announce that conservatives and the GOP platform will henceforth and for all eternity reject any and all belief in races and declare, with a unified voice, that conservatives believe all humans are members of the same race: the human race.

 That modern genetics has empirically confirmed that all humans alive today are descended from the very same woman makes our argument scientific and objective, but it also serves to strengthen Conservatives’ traditional allegiance to Judeo-Christian beliefs and virtues by implicitly recognizing the brotherhood of mankind as the heirs and children of Adam and Eve.

 The conservative candidate should announce that under their administration, no longer will Americans be classified according to racist criteria or required to classify themselves as a member of some race group that is largely based upon absurd 19th century secular humanistic paradigms and unscientific Darwinian factors such as one’s skin color. Instead, from that day forward, all Americans will be recognized as members of the same race and forever treated with the same rights, dignities and equalities that our Constitution guarantees to all of God’s children.

 The conservative candidate should make clear that this is no way should diminish the ethnic backgrounds and cultural heritage of any American. In fact, we believe our immense ethnic diversity is one of America’s greatest attributes as we all infinitely benefit from the synergy of that rich cultural tapestry that has shaped America since even before our founding.

 However, the conservative candidate must stress that in the 21st century, racism is still believing in race. And that the GOP and conservatives stand united in ending the practice of promulgating racist concepts and will eradicate race-based classifications from all levels of American life.

 There will be many in the Democrat party who will be furious with such a stand. Fearing an immense loss of income and fundraising contributions, many liberals will immediately and viciously attack the conservatives’ accurate and moral definition of race, due to the fact that a vast number of liberal institutions depend upon propagating racist stereotypes and falsehoods purely for financial gain.

 Furthermore, this conservative vision of an America with no races undermines the current race-based societal structure that Democrat politicians have put in place over the last two centuries, making it vastly harder to maintain. Without this liberal race-based structure firmly in place, democrats will fear the loss of votes of some of their largest special interests groups. Democrats will then be forced to make the false argument to some of their constituents that they are not truly members of the majority or don’t truly share the same race as others, based purely on superficial criteria such as they have more melatonin in their epidermis than their neighbor. In short time, the absurdity and depravity of the democrats’ argument will be paramount for all to see.

 And in response to such leftist critics, all conservatives need reply is “in the 21st century, racism is still believing in race”. Thus, the real racists have been exposed. Furthermore, there will be no credibility left when liberals falsely charge conservatives or tea-partiers of being racist when, with one voice, conservatives can merely reply that “we are not the ones who believe in race – that would be you liberals”.

 Mark C. McPhilimy is a Former Campaign Manager, Political Consultant and NRCC Staffer


Wouldn’t It Be Nice: The Eternal Seduction of Liberalism

Liberalism as a political force will never, unfortunately, be “spent.”  It has always been morally bankrupt and full of logical contradictions that undermine its intellectual basis.  None of that matters to the crucial element that will cause it to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of its own inevitable, if temporary, demise.

Conservative principles embrace truth, logic and a reasonably fair estimation of the nature of Man.  But truth can be ugly, logic can be harsh, and the destructive elements of human nature are always going to be a challenge.  As my Marine recruiter told me, selling the “hard life” to a generally pampered American youth is a nearly impossible task.  The simple fact is that only by risking failure and overcoming challenges can any worthwhile goal be achieved.  America in particular, and the West in general, have become cultures predicated on convenience over adversity.

Hence, the most seductive sentence in liberalism starts with, “Wouldn’t it be nice…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if people could contribute a few dollars a week in exchange for lifetime medical and cash benefits?  Voila, you have Medicare and Social Security.  The two most corrosive government programs that infantilize a free people to look towards “someone else” to pay for the excess costs of an open ended benefit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone went to college?  Simply have government take over and back student loans, regardless of a person’s suitability for higher education.  Qualification hardly matters, as the curriculum can be dumbed-down sufficiently to allow anyone to marinate in the cesspool of politically-correct indoctrination that has become the latter-day Academy.

The list goes on for every possible government intrusion in our lives.  The coup-de-grace, Obamacare, has finally delivered the straw that broke the camel’s back.  “Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had health care?” morphed into “We are now using the power of the state to compel you to pay into an inefficient system that subsidizes our most loyal supporters.  The functionaries of that system will pay us legal bribes because we forced you into giving them your money without your consent.  And because we are smarter and therefore better than you, only we shall have the power to decide if you live or die.”

Sadly, it takes a more advanced thinker who cares about the principles of freedom to grasp the transition from “Wouldn’t it be nice…” to “We are now…”  Low information citizens are easily seduced into accepting that this is something that government will “just take care of” if they are willing to throw money at it.  People easily confuse convenience with freedom because of the onerous demands on their time.  And it’s true that life has become increasingly complicated.  Hence, the retreat into “bread and circuses” so as to distract peoples’ ability to think and care about the fundamental issues and obvious truths.  A culture of convenience over freedom will be naturally presdisposed to accept that real benefits can come without serious cost.  The standard liberal rejoinder when asked how to accomplish a goal of “wouldn’t it be nice” is to embrace technology that doesn’t exist or claim that someone with more resources will pay for it.

So while liberalism may fall due to its internal contradictions and certain liberals will be discredited, it will be no time before the seduction begins anew.  Conservatives have surrendered the two most important parts of the culture – the Academy and entertainment.  Until the conservative movement can make serious inroads to change the cultural Leftism of schools and media, it will continue to fail to engage people’s emotions.  Children and young adults are marinated in liberal thought from kindergarten to college graduation, be it in the classroom or when they are being entertained. 

Conservative antidotes of talk radio, churches and the Big Bad World of Business are neither seductive nor as ubiquitous as school and television.  And a clever line from a movie or a smirky joke from John Stewart that connects with a kid’s rebellious nature can poison the well of receptiveness to the Right that no hard truth can ever make up for.

The person who I believe has the right idea is Andrew Breitbart.  He understands how the Left in the media thinks and is explaining all the Left’s shibboleths so that they can be understood for what they are.  Unfortunately, I think it would take a Hollywood version of Roger Ailes to create an entertainment infrastructure to offer a Fox-like alternative to the Left’s monopoly on entertainment.  I would suggest that as great as Walden Entertainment is, there should be three more ten times the size.  While I’m venting, add in a complete takeover of one of the big networks, coupled with defunding of NPR. 

The education establishment will be the toughest to take on.  It’s just so huge and entrenched, the only thing you can do is what nobody is willing to do – destroy it.  It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.  It cannot be saved or reformed in any meaningful way for the same reasons liberalism cannot be reformed.  Every teachers’ union should be broken up; every public school closed.  Each locality must re-create their school system, but the system/teachers/curriculum would become accountable to parents, taxpayers and voters.  No state or Federal funds should ever be used for education; with control of money you control responsibility.  Like everything else in life, people need to learn that you get what you pay for.

In short, liberalism will always have an advantage of appealing more strongly to people’s emotions.  The underlying logic of these appeals may well be contradictory, but that is the nature of one’s feelings – they don’t have to make sense.  By allowing the Left to have the advantage of creating the cultural ground upon which the war for the hearts and minds of America will be fought, the Right is pursuing Pyrrhic victory.  Ceding low-level battle after battle until the Left collapses under the weight of its own contradictions may have worked against the Soviets, but it will fail against the American Left.     

In 1776, Americans declared their independence from a tyrant who cared little for their rights and freedoms.  Today, with our Independence Day nearing, it would serve us well to remember that our Founding Fathers rebelled, fought, and died for far fewer usurpations of our rights than we currently suffer.  While external parts of our lives have changed from those times, the essential nature of Man has not.  Liberals will always appeal to our worst instincts and will seduce many with their lies.  It is up to conservatives to counter that narrative.  Life is not meant to be easy, but the joy of achievement after adversity is far sweeter and nobler than the torpid endowment of government largesse.

Paul Beres

No Understanding, No Victory

While many people are seeing that granting the government more power is not solving any issues, they still do not really understand the free market.  Unless Conservatives can educate people on how the free market creates prosperity and is not a morally defunct system, we may win the battle but will lose the war.  I know the importance of this because a few years ago, I knew I stood more with the Conservatives than the Liberals but it wasn’t until I read the work of excellent authors like Thomas Sowell or some of the contributors to National Review that I really understood WHY the government doesn’t work and WHY the free market is a better solution.  Without this grounding it is easy to fall for the Liberal arguments against cutting education or arguments that privatizing such and such will leave the poor/elderly/minorities out on a limb (or over a cliff!).  In books, on the internet, in speeches, in every way shape and form Conservatives really need to educate people on the free market.  Unfortunately our political class does not seem to do a good job of that.  They say that lowering taxes creates jobs but to people who don’t have a good grasp of Conservatism or free markets; thanks to being indoctrinated in school, the media, such on and so forth, to these people they don’t understand the WHY or HOW of that argument and thus don’t take the argument seriously.  In many ways, the argument literally doesn’t make sense to them because their worldview is so different.  That to me is why you get the disconnect where people want government programs cut, just not the ones they happen to use.  People want tax breaks for themselves but not for the rich.  Without a greater understanding we may defeat Liberalism but something just as harmful will rise in its place.  

Jesus Morales, paralegal

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