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Harry Stein, author

By: June 29, 2011

Next Fight

Little more than a decade ago, half the people in this country understood that every time they tuned into a newscast they were apt to find their most fundamental values mocked and belittled. Fox News changed all that, laying bare the depth and intractability of the mainstream media’s biases, (and vastly undercutting its influence), even as it helped forge a national community of like-minded souls. Would there even be a Tea Party without it?

Yet liberal dominance of an even more vital realm — entertainment television — remains absolute. Indeed, given the astonishing degree to which the attitudes of America’s young are shaped by TV, it is hard to envision a future where conservative values (on everything from American exceptionalism to the importance of marriage) can hold their own if liberals are able, unchallenged, to continue picking away at them in the media that both mirrors and most dramatically influences the zeitgeist.

As was the case with news, there is a vast (and as yet unrecognized) underserved audience for television programming that tells the other side of the story. But since Hollywood liberals are not about to create it, it’s past time conservatives got meaningfully into this end of the business, with special emphasis on smart, cutting edge programming aimed at the young. Why not a conservative Jon Stewart, mugging away at the expense of Obama and other big government libs? Or an updated version of ‘Combat,’ the Sixties series that taught an earlier generation about the nobility of the American fighting man, only this time set in Afghanistan? Or a sitcom set on the contemporary campus, with the diversity mongers, women’s studies  majors and anti-free speech zealots held up weekly to the ridicule they so richly deserve? What smart kid wouldn’t watch, and laugh, and learn?

Harry Stein is the author of I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican

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  1. John Morris says:

    Go ahead, produce a tv show espousing non-progressive values. Good luck getting it aired anywhere with an audience larger than CurrentTV. You would be lucky to get it up on an outlet carried on the oddball channel package on DirecTV or Dish, forget any cable systems other than the ones with more channels than the sat providers.

    Remember RightNetwork couldn’t even get carriage as OnDemand pay per view programming. Hulu and Netflix wouldn’t even touch their programming. Break that monopoly and the programming will flow at the rate people actually watch the stuff, otherwise don’t bother. Glenn Beck is about to find out the reality of subscription Internet streaming vs carriage on basic cable.

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