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Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio host and columnist

By: July 05, 2011

Attack the Left on Moral Grounds

The Left is more certain about their goodness, their “higher moral ground,” as they often refer to it, than about anything else.

That is why it is critical to attack liberalism on moral grounds.

Some examples:

1. The Left has labeled the war in Vietnam “immoral” since the 1960s — not simply mistaken, but immoral. But why? Why was the Vietnam War immoral? How could fighting for liberty against totalitarian tyranny ever be derided as immoral?

2. Given that we know exactly what the Taliban will do to Afghans once we leave Afghanistan, on what moral grounds does the Left defend pulling out of Afghanistan?

3. The Left argues that the worth of a human fetus is entirely determined by the mother. If she values it, it is infinitely precious. If she wants to kill it, it has less rights than a cat. Indeed it is Is there any other example of a living creature whose worth is entirely subjective, based on its owner’s feelings? How exactly is that a moral position?

4. From Berkeley to Yale, the Left has constantly shown antipathy to the military. Can any liberal name an American or foreign entity that has done as much moral good as the United States military?

5. Imagine a bowling league with a hundred members, half of whom pay dues and half of whom do not.  Would it be right and fair for the half that pays nothing to vote on how much the other half must pay to the league? It is hard to imagine that anyone would argue that it is. Why, then, is it fair and right for the half of Americans who pay no federal income tax to determine what the other half pays?

6. The Left is either neutral between Israel and its enemies or actually sides with Israel’s enemies. Is there now, and has there ever been, any other example of a free democratic liberal society that has been in the wrong in a conflict with a police state?

7. Catholic Charities in Massachusetts and Illinois have been forced out of adoption work – which they have led for over a century – because liberals have declared illegal the Charities’ practice of preferring to place a child with a married man and woman. Given an equally wonderful and loving married man and woman, man-man couple, woman-woman couple, single man, and single woman, with whom should an adoption place a child? Catholic Charities would choose a married man and woman. Why is that morally wrong?

 Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist, author of four books, and founder of the Internet-based Prager University.

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  1. Ron Edge says:

    Keep in mind that your example in No. 5 includes the G.E. Corp. in the “pay no taxes” category while laying off 12,000 workers.

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