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Elizabeth Nickson, journalist

By: July 05, 2011

Liberalism is no more vulnerable, nor are its results more ruinous than in the miserable state of America’s rural people. America’s richest foundations, together with Big Green, a collection of powerful environmental NGO’s spend tens of billions every year mothballing millions of acres of once productive land, having already set aside an area three times the size of Texas in the States, and the equivalent of the continent of Africa in the developing world.

 In the 70‘s, at the behest of foundation and NGO principals, activists began infiltrating the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife, as well as  the State land use agencies.  Under the direction of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – to which all NGO’s and federal agencies belong – activist bureaucrats have placed lands still in production –  whether public or private –  in webs of restrictions so onerous they have crashed the rural economy and driven 50 million rural Americans into marginal lives on the edges of the cities. 

 Results? Disastrous. The shuttered western forests are overstocked – 500 spindly trees now grow where 80 healthy trees once did. Forest maintenance is stopped by lawsuits launched by the movement. Weakened trees, laced in brush that serve as fire ladders, are vulnerable to a once-in-a-millennium event. Every summer’s fires are merely rehearsal for the inevitable and those fires have already destroyed hundreds of millions of animals, birds, and vegetation, endangered and not and now burn so hot that even the seed dies. 

 Since 1980, largely due to the work of Western Watersheds and its co-conspirators, 1.3 million ranches have been shut down.  Rangelands are reverting to desert without their cloven-hoofed herds. Fish and Wildlife set fires to mimic the healthy conditions once created by ranchers, but the range is so clotted with invasive weed, they lose control.  The American water system, that stunning accomplishment of the Corps of Engineers is being dismantled one small dam at a time, encouraging the calamitous floods of the spring of 2011. 

 The science being prosecuted to effect infrastructure collapse in the country is more flawed and less examined than climate science.  It is built on a lie, that a healthy ecosystem in balance is the ultimate good. No such thing has ever been found in nature, the ecosystem is a chimera, a lab rat’s dream, a perfect sinkhole for research dollars. It is science that demands complete control and draws from the work of Ernst Haeckel, Hitler’s go-to propeller head, and Stalin’s star, Lysenko. And it doesn’t work.

 In every county and township, rural Americans are fighting a massively well-funded hydra-headed beast directed out of Washington, New York and Geneva.  Their only tools, the 10th Amendment and a clause called “coordination”, a legacy from the first Continental Congress. But until this catastrophic mess is exposed and attacked by conservatives in the power centers, and then dismantled by a muscular administration, the great bounty of the American heartland, which has fed and watered and built the world’s greatest civilization, will be lost.

 Elizabeth Nickson is a journalist.

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