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Roger Simon, Pajamas Media

By: July 05, 2011

Towards a Conservative Popular Culture

Harry Stein couldn’t be more correct that it is more necessary than ever for conservatives and libertarians to make their presences felt in arts and entertainment.  Liberalism dominates our culture to such an extraordinary extent that often we barely notice, even those of us who write screenplays.  It’s the air we breathe, an ideologically polluted air that is gradually  corrupting our youth and destroying our society.

 Fixing this, however, is not going to be easy. Conservatives, long excluded (and excluding themselves) from the popular culture have lost their creative muscle.  Recent attempts to do conservative movies were – let’s admit it – an embarrassment. (No, I won’t name names.) Also, since the deck is stacked against us, our work has to be better, smarter, funnier, more emotional than the liberals’.  It’s not fair, but it’s true.

 The solution? Well, I have to say it comes down to the old the joke:  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice… Oh, and getting your conservative friends to put up some money.

Roger Simon writes for Pajamas Media.

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