Time to Move on to Real Issues

By: August 02, 2011

Now that the great debt ceiling pseudo-crisis of 2011 has been “resolved,” what should the Republican Congress do next? I suggest it’s time to move on to real issues.

For the here and now, the Republican Party is the political entity best equipped to advance conservative policies, even if the leadership doesn’t always display the kind of conservative principles we in the Tea Party movement support.  The Republican majority in the House of Representatives needs  to exercise the power that goes with that majority. This means they should control what legislation gets advanced and continue to conduct oversight hearings.

For the remainder of this Congress, the House and Senate Republicans should support:

1. Updates to the tax code that close stupid loopholes.

2. Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

3. Lifting regulatory restrictions on oil/natural gas drilling to provide gas price relief for consumers.

4. Lowering corporate tax rates to assist businesses with job creation and capital investment.

But don’t worry, this debt ceiling issue will come around again, just in time to be the hot topic for the November 2012 elections. Next time, the general public may be better informed on the public policy issues surrounding it. It would be great if an e-book were written and published by the Voices of the Tea Party  presented accurate facts about the debt ceiling and what it means in real terms relative to the U.S. government being able to meet its obligations, in order of priority. At the top of those priority lists should be Treasury bond payments, Social Security benefit payments, and military salaries.  Perhaps by simply articulating the plain facts in an e-book, we can clear up the misinformation on this topic that is being promulgated by the mainstream media.

Quincy Williams is a tea party supporter who works for local government in a blue state.

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