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Now in Paperback: THE NEW ROAD TO SERFDOM by Daniel Hannan

By: November 07, 2011

Does Barack Obama’s antipathy toward Great Britain signal a greater problem with his attitude toward America? In his new foreword to The New Road to Serfdom, now on sale in paperback, Daniel Hannan argues that Obama’s attitude toward Britain mirrors his attitude toward traditional American ideals. Read on for an exclusive excerpt!

“You might be thinking that an Anglophobic president is my problem rather than yours.  But, my friends, it is your problem, too….because Barack Obama’s attitude toward Britain tells us a great deal about his attitude toward the United States.

In disdaining Britain, the president also disdains the things that Britain bequeathed to the thirteen colonies and, through them, to the American republic: the common law, a peculiar emphasis on personal freedom and property rights, distrust of government, a determination that laws should not be made, nor taxes levied, save by elected representatives.

The argument of this book is that the U.S. Constitution is a unique document, and that its tenets have served to keep your country prosperous and free; that the United States has now become the surest repository for the freedoms that my own country once took for granted but has let slip; and that your rulers are now rushing to dismantle your constitutional settlement. If they succeed, the United States will become a lot more like other places: more highly taxed, more heavily regulated, more centralized, less confident, poorer, weaker.”

Do you agree?

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