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Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything by Frank Fleming

By: November 15, 2011

We are very pleased to present another in our occasional series of e-book originals. In Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything, humorist Frank Fleming explains why Barack Obama is … well … the greatest president in the history of everything. Below, the author describes the arduous process of moral struggle and internal intellectual debate that led him to embrace this thankless and difficult task:

You might be wondering why I wrote a book declaring Barack Obama to be the greatest president in the history of everything. I could have written a book titled Obama: The Worst President Ever. In it, I’d go on about how bad the economy is and how Obama just made it worse while making our debt skyrocket, and then I’d talk about his poor decision making. It would be a rather predictable and uninteresting book, and it would be extremely depressing.

I also could have written a book called Obama: A Pretty Good President and argued that Obama has actually done a decent job and is just a victim of circumstances. That’s basically the argument you get from his administration, though, so you can just read it in The New York Times.

Instead, I wanted a challenge, so I wrote Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything. Back in 2008 when the hope-and-change movement was at its pinnacle, this was the book Obama’s supporters assumed would be written about him. Yet I’m the only one who has attempted it. Why? People knew in their hearts Obama would be the greatest president ever — how could someone with a slogan like “Yes We Can!” be anything less? — but it’s been hard for the common man to see that greatness in the reality of the Obama presidency. So in my book, I will take you by the hand and show you how Obama has fulfilled his promise to be a transformational president, greater than all who came before him and probably all who will come after him. And if you still don’t see Obama as the greatest president ever, you can rest assured that’s not because Obama failed in some way but is instead because you’re stupid or something. Which is why we’re lucky Obama is president and you’re not.

So if you are an Obama faithful who has started to waiver in his conviction, or even someone who’s never liked Obama because you’re racist against taxes, read my book and learn how foolish you are to ever have doubted him. Obama is leading us to the promised land, but just like with Moses, it’s easy for the faithless to mistake that for him leading us out into the desert to die.

                –Frank Fleming

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