The Lying Liars at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

By: January 30, 2012

The special election to replace disgraced Congressman David Wu in Oregon’s 1st Congressional District has given the lying liars at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee a chance to test out their 2012 master plan. The components of the plan are clear. Make false claims about the principles of the Tea Party movement. Add the word extremist. Carpet bomb the Republican candidate with massive spending on advertising, calling the candidate a “Tea Party extremist,” then attach positions to the movement that have nothing to do with the movement.

From its inception, the Tea Party movement has supported three core values: constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. As I write in my new book, Covenant of  Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement, the motto of those of us who started the movement has always been “Save the republic first, then let the traditionalists and non-traditionalists duke it out over social issues.”

Social issues have never been part of our agenda.

But the lying liars at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee desperately need to include social issues in their attack plan, so they just falsely place social issues in their “fake Tea Party” agenda. Rhetorically, it’s the same as creating a fake Twitter account.  The apparatchiks at the DCCC are shameless in their lying ways.

Case in point:

Here’s the lie Jesse Ferguson, a “spokesman” for the DCCC, recently told about the Tea Party movement:

“There is no doubt that races across the country will be about a contrast between Tea Party extremism that protects the ultra-wealthy versus defenders of the middle class and Medicare.”

Here’s another dishonest dirty trick from the DCCC, deployed recently against the Republican challenger, Rob Cornilles, who is seeking to win the special election in Oregon’s 1st Congressional District:

A fake Twitter account, @TPartyCornilles, sends out comments such as, “Will Republican Rob Cornilles try to run from his extreme Tea Party anti-choice record in tonight’s debate?”

One clever element of the DCCC strategy of false narrative. They’ve tried to pin the incompetence of the Republican House leadership on the freshman class of 63 newcomers, largely elected with Tea Party support.

“But public sentiment has since shifted, with Tea Party-sanctioned Republican freshmen in the House of Representatives taking much of the blame for standoffs over the extending debt ceiling, extending payroll taxes and other issues in 2011.”

The Tea Party movement is prepared to respond to these lies point by point. Expect to see an onslaught of falsehoods from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where the words “extremist” and “Tea Party” will be inseparable in every statement they make.

But the voters in America are not so gullible as the Democrats think. Americans are intelligent and fair minded. The extremists in America today are the lying liars at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the various arms of the Democratic Party establishment. These groups will knowingly spread a false narrative about the Tea Party movement with an ever increasing fury until their defeat at polling places across this great land on November 6, 2012.

Michael Patrick Leahy is the editor of the Voices of the Tea Party e-book series, co-founder of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, and co-organizer of Election Day Tea Party 2012. His new book, Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement, will be published by Broadside Books in spring, 2012. He can be reached on Twitter at @michaelpleahy .


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