Don't Tread on Me  EPB

Don't Tread on Me EPB

The Story of My Run for California Governor as a Tea Party Candidate
  • On Sale: Sep 20, 2011
  • ISBN: 9780062114563
  • Format: EPUB

New from Voices of the Tea Party. Deeply upset at the way the Republican Party abandoned its conservative base in the elections of 2008, Larry Naritelli had taken to yelling at his television, prompting his 13-year-old son to ask if there would be a revolution in the country. Naritelli responded by taking his son to a Tea Party protest, to teach him about the freedoms granted by our Constitution. Naritelli began speaking publicly about the government-imposed drought that was destroying California’s farmers, creating 40% levels of unemployment, and depressing real estate values. In 2010, he ran against Meg Whitman for Governor as the Tea Party candidate, in the California Republican Primary in 2010. Don't Tread on Me is the inside story of the making of a Tea Party gubernatorial candidate.

Larry Naritelli

Larry Naritelli, a lifelong Republican, ran for Governor of California in 2010, after becoming disenfranchised with the Republican establishment as it moved away from the conservative values of Ronald Reagan. In 2009 he joined the Tea Party movement as an American patriot to join other who believe in small limited government, low taxes, and free market capitalism. He is the chairman and CEO of New Reagan Patriots, a group dedicated to promoting the resurgence of national pride and Constitutional rights via education and grassroots efforts.