Mad As Hell

Mad As Hell

How the Tea Party Movement Is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System
  • On Sale: Sep 06, 2011
  • ISBN: 9780061995248
  • Format: Trade PB
Today’s raucous revolt against Washington and Wall Street is a classic populist uprising. In Mad as Hell, political pollsters Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen discuss how the Tea Party movement is fundamentally remaking our two-party system and what it means for the future of American politics. For political junkies of every stripe—from both the left and the right side of the aisle—Mad as Hell is mandatory reading.

Scott Rasmussen

An independent public opinion pollster since 1994, Scott Rasmussen is president/CEO of Rasmussen Reports, LLC, a media company specializing in the collection, publication and distribution of public opinion polling information. Scott and his firm have a reputation for delivering reliable, newsworthy public opinion data, which is regularly cited in every major media outlet across the country. Washington Post writer Jason Horowitz recently declared “Rasmussen has become a driving force in American politics.” National political commentator Michael Barone calls him “one of America’s most innovative pollsters.” Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, pollsters for Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, say Scott has an “unchallenged record for both integrity and accuracy.” In 2008, Rasmussen projected Obama would win by a 52% to 46% margin and the final results were 53% to 46%. In 2010, Rasmussen Reports was the first to show Republican Scott Brown had a chance to defeat Martha Coakley in a Massachusetts Senate race; about which The Politico wrote, “It's hard to recall a single poll changing the mood of a race quite that dramatically."

Rasmussen's work has gained presence in America’s water-cooler environment, with mentions on popular television shows like The West Wing, The Tonight Show, and Gossip Girl. His expertise in public opinion is cited by every major media outlet across the country, from Fox News to The Colbert Report and is in demand on the speaker circuit. He is the author, with Doug Schoen, of Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement Is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System.

Doug Schoen