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Now We Know the Stakes — Let’s Get it Done


“Nothing in the Constitution has given [the federal judges] a right to decide for the Executive, more than to the Executive to decide for them. … But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the legislature and executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


After three years of working to defeat the health care bill, first in Congress, and then in the court system, we finally have an official ruling on ObamaCare, the law that grants government the abusive power to tax its citizens for not purchasing a product or service.

The United States Supreme Court has upheld government corruption, coercion, and oppression. They have struck down Liberty.

How does that make you feel?

If you love this country – and I know you do – it saddens and angers you. But it should also energize and embolden you. The Supreme Court does not have the final say on Liberty.

We do.

This is not over. The stakes in the 2012 election were already enormous, and now they’ve been raised even more. We must win. We must elect small-government representatives who will roll back this egregious abuse of power – and all the others that Big-Government Disciples have racked up during the last century.  And we will succeed if we commit to engage and work tirelessly from now through November – and beyond. Let us not be the generation forced to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and tell them that we let freedom expire on our watch.

It’s time for everyone in the Liberty movement to put whatever differences we’ve had aside and unite to dedicate our lives, no matter the cost, to delivering in 2012 an even bigger political earthquake than we did in 2010. This means educating every person who will listen to us on governmental abuses and the need to restore the Constitution as originally intended, our only defense against tyranny and oppression; and recruiting people from every place and background to pound the pavement, purge the voter rolls, work the polls, and get out the vote to deliver a total smackdown to power-hungry politicians who helped pass this law and put in place the justices to uphold it.

The facts, numbers, and passion are on our side. A low percentage of Americans still actually believe in the health care legislation that was just upheld. This is our last chance, and it is the chance to convince average Americans everywhere that government has grown way too big and to join us in helping elect small-government representatives who will overturn this atrocious law. And then we must be energized to go all the way beyond this election and reactivate the floodlight of freedom that America was meant to shine for the entire world before it’s too late.

It’s all up to us now. But we can do it. Together.

Now let’s get it done.

Jonathan Wakefield is a leader of the Richmond, Virginia Tea Party. He is the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement and the novel Fatal Reality (a thriller), both of which are available on Visit his websites at www.teapartyforchristians.comand