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In Virginia, Jamie Radtke Offers a Tea Party Budget


Jamie Radtke, former head of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, an organization of more than forty tea parties in Virginia, has been fighting the good fight in the Virginia Senate Primary against Republican establishment endorsed former Senator George Allen.

Most polls show Allen with a comfortable lead, but don’t count Ms. Radtke out quite yet. Unlike Allen, has some good and original ideas that the Republican voters in Virginia may want to consider before the cast their ballots in the June 12 primary election.

In an April 5 op-ed piece at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Ms. Radtke boldly stated:

If Congress froze the current spending level and then cut it by 2 percent annually,  we could balance the budget in five years.

Even Politifact, after checking the statement out, acknowledged that Ms. Radtke was correct.

Why, then, is Ms. Radtke’s bold proposal not generating more support for her candidacy?

Personally, Ms. Radtke’s proposal is a step much closer to the right direction that Congressman Paul Ryan’s timid plan. As I’ve written earlier, we need to cut federal spending in half over the next five years. Instead of Ms. Radtke’s proposed 2% annual cut in expenditures, cutting spending in half over the next five years would require a 10% annual cut rather than a 2% annual cut.

The conditions may not yet be right to see Ms. Radtke perform with the kind of strong last minute electoral closing as tea party favorite Ted Cruz  just did in the Republican Texas primary, where he forced establishment favorite Lt. Governor Dewhurst into a runoff. But 2012 is a very different year, and Jamie Radtke is a very different candidate. Don’t count her out yet.


Michael Patrick Leahy is the co-founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter and, and a Breitbart News Contributor. His new book, Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement, was recently published by Broadside Books. He can be reached on Twitter at @michaelpleahy.