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Now We Know the Stakes — Let’s Get it Done


“Nothing in the Constitution has given [the federal judges] a right to decide for the Executive, more than to the Executive to decide for them. … But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the legislature and executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


After three years of working to defeat the health care bill, first in Congress, and then in the court system, we finally have an official ruling on ObamaCare, the law that grants government the abusive power to tax its citizens for not purchasing a product or service.

The United States Supreme Court has upheld government corruption, coercion, and oppression. They have struck down Liberty.

How does that make you feel?

If you love this country – and I know you do – it saddens and angers you. But it should also energize and embolden you. The Supreme Court does not have the final say on Liberty.

We do.

This is not over. The stakes in the 2012 election were already enormous, and now they’ve been raised even more. We must win. We must elect small-government representatives who will roll back this egregious abuse of power – and all the others that Big-Government Disciples have racked up during the last century.  And we will succeed if we commit to engage and work tirelessly from now through November – and beyond. Let us not be the generation forced to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and tell them that we let freedom expire on our watch.

It’s time for everyone in the Liberty movement to put whatever differences we’ve had aside and unite to dedicate our lives, no matter the cost, to delivering in 2012 an even bigger political earthquake than we did in 2010. This means educating every person who will listen to us on governmental abuses and the need to restore the Constitution as originally intended, our only defense against tyranny and oppression; and recruiting people from every place and background to pound the pavement, purge the voter rolls, work the polls, and get out the vote to deliver a total smackdown to power-hungry politicians who helped pass this law and put in place the justices to uphold it.

The facts, numbers, and passion are on our side. A low percentage of Americans still actually believe in the health care legislation that was just upheld. This is our last chance, and it is the chance to convince average Americans everywhere that government has grown way too big and to join us in helping elect small-government representatives who will overturn this atrocious law. And then we must be energized to go all the way beyond this election and reactivate the floodlight of freedom that America was meant to shine for the entire world before it’s too late.

It’s all up to us now. But we can do it. Together.

Now let’s get it done.

Jonathan Wakefield is a leader of the Richmond, Virginia Tea Party. He is the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement and the novel Fatal Reality (a thriller), both of which are available on Visit his websites at www.teapartyforchristians.comand



Two Landmark Cases Pose Fundamental Questions About Individual Liberty in America Today


When I first became interested in the subjects of politics, government, and history in high school and college, I was  fascinated by the idea of  “landmark” Supreme Court decisions. The 1954 Brown v. The Topeka Board of Education decision fit that category, and it captured my attention.  “Landmark” decisions, I knew, were those that shaped the future course of our nation’s history.

There are two potential “landmark” Supreme Court decisions expected in the near future that we all should follow closely.  The first decision will come in response to the various challenges to “Obamacare” that should reach our highest court next year.  In addition,  the pending National Labor Relations Board v. Boeing  “regulatory” case may also make it to the Supreme Court. Though the Obamacare cases have received far more publicity, both will have far-reaching implications for our country’s future.

These cases ask two important questions, fundamental to our concepts of individual liberty guaranteed by the Constitution:

1. Can the federal government prevent a business from choosing where to locate its facilities, make capital investments, and hire people?

2. Can the federal government force an individual to buy a specific product?

I would like to see the Voices of the Tea Party publish an e-book written by a qualified constitutional law scholar that closely examines the questions that I have raised about these “landmark cases”.  When the final decisions come down, such a book would be very helpful to those of us who want to understand the full implications of the final decisions.

Quincy Williams is a tea party supporter who works for local government in a Blue State.

Is “ObamneyCare” the 2012 Version of “Where’s the Beef?”


Candidates for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination have become so predictably dull and unimaginative in their campaign communications it was refreshing to see a spark of life come, improbably, from the Tim Pawlenty campaign. The self proclaimed dull guy in the room came up with  a clever term that has the potential to do for the 2012 Republican Presidential primaries what “Where’s the Beef?” did for the 1984 Democratic Presidential primaries.

Tired of Colorado Senator Gary Hart’s high minded rhetoric lacking specificity, former Vice President Walter Mondale challenged him to add some substance to his proposals.

“Where’s the Beef?” he asked him directly in one of their televised debates, borrowing the phrase made popular by the wizened grandmother in the Wendy’s television commercials for hamburgers.

Fast forward 27 years to 2011, and Tim Pawlenty (or some clever communications pro on his staff) has just coined a phrase that may have the same effect on Mitt Romney’s campaign “Where’s the Beef” had on Gary Hart’s 1984 campaign.

The term is “ObamneyCare.”

Pawlenty introduced it on Fox News Sunday this morning, and beyond the term itself, I don’t know if much more needs to be said.

Why would Republican primary voters support a candidate who introduced ObamneyCare to Massachusetts when the entire Tea Party movement is focused on repealing the very similar ObamaCare for the entire country?

Many articles in this space have suggested the need for a Voices of the Tea Party e-book that rates the current crop of Republican candidates on the degree to which they support the core values of the Tea Party movement.  I suggest that we add to that book a chapter on the candidate’s capability to communicate powerful messages in simple, easy to understand terms and phrases. After, all, “Hope and Change” was a powerful phrase that worked in the 2008 General Election. We’ll need a candidate capable of delivering even more powerful limited government messages in 2012.

Mark Kevin Lloyd is the former President of the Lynchburg, Virginia Tea Party and currently serves as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He is also the author of  The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District. He can be reached on Twitter at @mklloydva .

The Obamacare Waiver Economic Growth Plan


At least half of the anemic 54,000 new private sector jobs cited in last week’s Department of Labor report came from one company–McDonald’s. It’s surely no coincidence that McDonald’s is one of the politically connected and favored companies recently granted an Obamacare waiver by the Department of Health and Human Services. An investigation of the companies responsible for the other 27,000 new private sector jobs might reveal additional waiver grantees. Intrepid reporters might want to investigate  how many of these  jobs came from those high end restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco who were also granted Obamacare waivers.

Apparently, this is the sum total of the Obama Administration’s plan to revive the economy. The engine of economic growth from now until the November 2012 election will be driven by the granting of Obamacare waivers!

The Obama Administration, through its spokesman, the hapless Jay Carney, will undoubtedly trumpet this new visionary policy. Look for these words to be issued soon from behind the press secretary’s lectern:  “We’ve decided to continue our policy of issuing targeted Obamacare waivers to specific employers who, due to these waivers, will be able to create or save additional jobs.”

Here’s an idea for a Voices of the Tea Party e-book: What’s been the impact of Obamacare on economic growth so far?

Why not simply repeal Obamacare in its entirety and see every company–large, medium or small–start adding new jobs, regardless of the degree of political connections they enjoy?

Look for the voters to grant the entire country that one gigantic Obamacare waiver come election day.

Mark Kevin Lloyd is the former President of the Lynchburg, Virginia Tea Party and currently serves as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He is also the author of  The Battle for Virginia’s Fifth District. He can be reached on Twitter at @mklloydva .