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Bringing the Truth to Young People


In my last post, I discussed my passion for reaching minority communities with the Tea Party message. Just as important, though, is reaching young people—the future leaders of our nation. If we don’t convince a significant portion that constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets are the best approach, America will ultimately become the most powerful Big-Government force the world has ever known. The implications of that are scary.

The professional Left is way ahead of us on this one—they have been indoctrinating our children for decades. They own the school system from top to bottom, as well as pop culture, and use both to teach that Big-Government is the solution (never the cause) of all our problems. They also own the mainstream media—though that is changing rapidly, and opens an opportunity for Voices of the Tea Party to play a significant role.

E-books are an excellent vehicle to reach today’s young people, whose electronic devices are merely an extension of their minds. So naturally I’d like to see an e-book detailing the facts about our dismal economic and debt situation. Young people are largely skeptical of the Tea Party movement, but whenever I interact with them (not that I’m old myself at 34, but the youngest ones probably think I’m already drawing Social Security), I make the case that they have most incentive to join our cause, because they are the ones ultimately on the hook for the trillions of dollars of debt and tens of trillions of unfunded liabilities we’re racking up.

Watch the scales fall from college students’ eyes when you tell them that without their permission the Federal Government has already put them in the hole—along with every other American—$45,000 of personal debt (it’s a staggering $400,000 when unfunded liabilities are included). Add this to their student loans and the reality that unemployment is higher among young people than any other demographic with no hope of turning around because of the Federal Government’s disastrous economic policies, and they start to get a glimpse into the truth that their future has been stolen when they weren’t looking. And once they understand this, it won’t matter what Stephen Colbert or anti-American college professors say anymore.

The straightforward truth always wins—if someone is willing to tell it. Our case to the young is easy to make, and we should be making it every day, turning the rising generations back toward our founding principles. This is the only hope for their future. Our future.

Jon Wakefield is a leader of the Richmond, Virginia Tea Party.